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Weird [30 Apr 2009|08:12am]
10+ posts in 1 day? what the hell happened? I think this multiply account reuploaded ALL.. and I mean ALL ANCIENT posts of mine from LiveJournal.. lolz.. might remove the link from those two accounts.. hahah sorry for teh spam.

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because 'tis lunchbreak and Sunday OT is FUN :D [17 Aug 2008|12:53pm]
Monday and Tuesday are holidays.. so we had to come to the office today to finish some stuffs. There were only 3 people here: me, my clerk Raquel, and UH Patrick. Yesterday, we teased him that he had provide for our lunch because it's a Sunday, and there are only 3 of us anyway.

Lo and behold.. eversince 11:00 AM, me and Raquel have been stuffing ourselves with food because he ordered a LOT LOT LOT more than 2 girls can take! XD I remembered that he asked us earlier if we were on a diet and i remembered saying no... so that's what its for! Now I wished I hadn't lied.. coz the truth is.. I'M ON A FRIGGIN DIET T____T

must chant 100x (DIET DIET DIET.....................)
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Need final fantasy 3 DS (mognet) friend codes :D [20 Jul 2008|09:42pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I know its a little late to do this.. (considering that final fantasy 4 will be out tomorrow-- wee~~) but I finally decided that I want a perfect game.. and to have a perfect game means that I have to complete all the final fantasy 3 side quests for lulz.. heheh. The bad news is, to complete it, I need to utilize the friggin mognet/wi-fi feature of the DS.. T____________T

I only have to send messages through wi-fi to 7 friends for the onion knight (me reads) and 1 for other side stuffs.. However.. most people I know plays PSP more than DS.. T_T (unlike me, JL is breezing through all the crisis core missions because he doesn't need some freakin friend codes.. crap)

heheh I could easily search around the net for codes but me thinks that 'tis better to add only those I know.. so I'm posting my friend code here.. heheh :D you can add me or just msg me for your code so i can add you instead! hahah! I'm so desperate.. lolz

So I'm ending this by giving you mine: 3952 8812 6682

Ran ^_^

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Still in my bed T_T [12 Jun 2008|08:43pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Guess what? its my friggin FOURTH DAY as a useless bedridden old cow T_T ugh! It's really really sad to lie around my butt all day with still no difference at all... what the hell is wrong with meee??? T_T

I'll have to confess that I'm playing FFIII on my DS.. but then again.. it couldn't be the culprit, right right?? XD

heheh anyway.. medical adviser said that I still have to stay home tomorrow.. that makes it... the... 5 DAYS OF DOOM :D

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A Hard Day's Night [11 Jun 2008|08:23pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Lol.. remember that song?
I've been working like a dog.. but apparently.. I don't have the time to sleep like a log! And.... Unfortunately.. nature took its toll on me which is why I've been bedridden for three... THREE FRIGGIN DAYS! ugh! actually.. I still can't feel any difference but waddaheck.. I was too stubborn so I forced myself to go to work yesterday.. so look where it got me.. I'm friggin bedridden again! T__T

I already had an X-ray and a farkin blood test last Monday.. They said that I was just too stressed and its just a mild upper respiratory tract infection.. but why the hell am I still in bed?? T_T

Anyhow.. it's ok to have so much dedication to work.. but you know.. you gotta have time for yourself.. other activities.. lol.. coz I think I'm beginning to feel like I don't have any other world besides this.. it's so monotonous...

after this.. I swear I'm going to be very very active in other stuffs/activities which I think I have already abandoned.. :D~~ (say.... what's my next costume? XD)

Lol.. anyway... i'm not feeling well again.. so.. off to bed T______T !#$%^^&^$@#%%^

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